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Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator

The DSCR formula is Net Operating Income ÷ Debt Service = DSCR. For rental properties, yearly rental income after expenses dividided by yearly mortgage payments. Lenders typically want to see a 1.25 DSCR or higher.

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DSCR Ratio

What does DSCR stand for?

DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio. It's a metric used by home lenders to determine if the borrower's investment is economically viable.

For instance, as a real estate investor, you might buy a building to rent out apartments. The rent from tenants should cover the loan payments (including interest) and provide a profit. Investment lenders focus on projected cash flows rather than credit history to ensure you can repay the loan.

How to calculate DSCR

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio is calculated using the formula:

DSCR = NOI / Debt Service


  • DSCR — Debt Service Coverage Ratio;
  • NOI — Monthly Net Operating Income; and
  • Debt Service — Monthly debt payments.

You can enter the NOI directly into a DSCR calculator or use a detailed calculation method. To calculate NOI, use this formula:

NOI = (1 - expenses)(1 - vacancy) x GI


  • GI — Gross Income, the monthly rent from tenants;
  • Expenses — Monthly expenses for maintenance, repairs, or cleaning, as a percentage of gross income; and
  • Vacancy — Vacancy rate, the percentage of time the property is not rented.

This DSCR calculation helps you easily determine your Debt Service as well.

Minimum acceptable DSCR

Lenders use DSCR to decide on loan approval. The typical minimum acceptable DSCR is 1.25; if your DSCR is below this, you might be rejected. A higher DSCR increases your chances of getting a loan quickly.

Additionally, other tools like the Debt to Capital Ratio Calculator and Interest Coverage Ratio Calculator can help you understand your company's financial structure better.


How do I calculate a DSCR loan?

To calculate your DSCR loan:

  1. Determine your Net Operating Income (NOI). For example, $5000.
  2. Calculate your total Debt Service (expenses). For example:
    • Mortgage: $3000
    • Maintenance: $200
    • Insurance: $50

    Total Debt Service: $3250

  3. Apply the DSCR formula:
    DSCR ratio = NOI / total Debt Service
  4. Substitute the values and calculate:
    DSCR = $5000 / $3250 DSCR = 1.54

    Most lenders require a DSCR of 1.25 or higher to qualify for a loan.

What is a 1.50 DSCR?

A 1.50 DSCR means that the property's income can cover the debt service with extra income left over. A DSCR of 1 means the income covers the debt, and 0.50 represents the remaining income.

How much do I need to put down on a DSCR loan?

The down payment for a DSCR loan varies but is typically higher than a standard mortgage, usually 20% or more. A lower down payment results in higher monthly payments.

What is a good DSCR coverage ratio?

A good DSCR coverage ratio is 1.25. Lenders prefer this ratio to ensure you can repay the loan and meet other financial obligations.

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