BNB Calc Affiliate Program

Refer your friends and start earning

Published on March 27 2024 by Parker Place

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How it works

  1. Subscribe to BNB Calc
    Start a free trial or visit your affiliate settings if you're already subscribed.
  2. Share your link
    Share your property analysis links or your referral link from your affiliate settings.
  3. Get paid
    When people use your link to sign up, you'll earn a 25% lifetime commission.

How much commission will I earn?

We offer 25% recurring commission in perpetuity for any subscribers you refer. For instance, if you refer 10 subscribers, you will earn $30 x 25% x 10 members or $75 a month ($900 a year). Or, if one person subscribes for a yearly membership you will earn $200 x 25% = $50 up front.

How to join the BNB Calc Affiliate program?

Subscribe to BNB Calc to be enrolled automatically. Not a subscriber? Join via our affiliate signup page here.

Where can I find my invite link?

From any analysis page or from your affiliate settings.

When do I get my rewards?

We pay out rewards via Wise or Paypal. Add your payment details and see your earnings in your affiliate settings.


Contact us for more information on our affiliate program and custom offers.