Frequently Asked Questions

Published on March 17 2023 by Parker Place

What’s your cancellation policy? How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time on your account page by logging in before clicking the “Manage Subscription” button on your account page. Did you forget to cancel in time? You can request a refund for your previous month’s within 14 days of your last charge. For refunds, you must email us from your account’s email with a brief explanation.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, all BNB Calc memberships include a one-time free 7 day trial. We want to make sure you enjoy the product before your membership begins.

Can you help me evaluate properties?

Join our members facebook group for help evaluating properties and questions about a listing you’re thinking of buying. We will share our opinions - but they are opinions based on our experience, not financial advice. Play at your own risk.

Where can I request new features or report bugs?

You may email us or make a post in our members facebook group.

Do you have features specific for realtors?

Realtors using BNB Calc use our share-able, brandable reports to share investment analysis with clients of people they manage properties for.

Is the data reliable?

BNB Calc uses Airdna and Airbtics, the leading providers of Airbnb data, for revenue data, and a variety of other sources for mortgage/tax/property information. The data provides an estimate based on historical performance of comparable properties, but may not account for factors such as quality of your property, waterfront location, and other amenities.

Where can I find information on an STR loan?

You can contact our loan partner at for your loan inquiries. Brian is a top 1% originator nationally, an expert in his field with a focus on STR lending and a STR enthusiast just like you.

Do you sell team/group licenses?

Contact us for more information on a team/group license.